Cotton Candy Kush has derived it’s moniker from the buds puffy and fluffy appearance . This happy hybrid is across between Power Plant and Lavender. The aroma of this cannabis is very pungent with the scent flowers. With a sweet taste of fruit this is a taste bud tingling treat.

Cotton Candy Kush Is very relaxing and a very happy uplifting herbage.that reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago. Something that has always stuck in my mind, as you will see in this Cotton Candy Kush Review. 

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Cotton Candy Kush Review

It all started at the famous Wiggly Wild Amusement Park one July 4th. My girl Shuga and a few friends were out that night enjoying the park with all the sights, sounds and smells.

Also we had all just smoked some awesome Cotton Candy herb. After enjoying the Rollercoaster, Tilt a Whirl and Zipper. I suddenly developed a voracious appetite like never before in my life. Also my stomach was rumbling like a dryer full of wet clothes.

Good Times

I began to eat everything I came upon. Corndog’s, cinnamon bun’s, deep fried Twinkie’s, foot long hot dog’s. buffalo burgers, mini doughnuts, spare ribs, funnel cake’s, candy apples, chicken wings, cotton candy, vanilla and chocolate milkshake’s, fresh pulled toffee, mutton chop’s, licorice lips, cheeseburgers, caramel apple’s with nuts, ice cream cones, banana splits and I then washed it down four root beer floats. 

We all then took a ride on the Ferris Wheel which was a bad idea. I was not feeling so well and ended up throwing up on some Amish people below. Lucky for them they were wearing their hats. Cotton Candy Kush sure gave me a hankerin for some vittles I should say !


As you can see Cotton Candy Kush improved my appetite. Moreover it has other great helpful medicinal qualities that include uses for depression , stress, inflammation, headaches and pain.