Cookies N Cream Marijuana Edible ReviewI have done hundreds of reviews and tried even more edibles than I can recount. But rarely do any compare to today’s Cookies N Cream Marijuana Edible Review. And by that I mean power. You have never had anything close to this cookie. We’re talking about 1000mg of THC here. So get ready to “cookie and cream” your pants.

As with most medical edibles you need to be careful. Ingesting cannabis is not the same as smoking marijuana. Edibles creep up on you. It is crucial to know how many mg’s of THC you are ingesting. I find that 50mg of THC is more than enough cannabis for a very solid high. 50mg is actually a lot and lasts for hours. I can’t imagine eating even half of this cookie. 500mg would put me in the funny farm.

The real problem is that this dessert edible is so delicious. Imagine only taking a tiny nibble. You would easily get 100mg and be on your way to a laugh filled day. My buddy Soup Bone ate half and could barely walk. In his defence I don’t think stopped laughing for 2 hours straight. He then slept until 4 PM the next day. Then the crazy bastard ate the other half. We haven’t seen him since. He said he was going to live in tree. We spent hours walking through the woods to avail.

Cookies N Cream Marijuana Edible ReviewCookies N Cream Marijuana Edible Review

Have you ever had a $45 dollar Cookies and Cream Brownie? I had not until now. I decided to a quarter of mine in order to teat the strength. That was a mistake. I was stoned out of my head from 2 PM until about midnight. The high was very powerful. But it was nice. The first 2 hours were a little much. I experienced paranoia for the firstĀ  time in decades, That was not very pleasant. But once it settled I rather enjoyed my evening.

Let’s talk about the taste. The texture of this Venice Cookie Company treatĀ  is creamy and sweet and tastes like a freshly baked dessert. Although there is a cannabis after taste. That is typical in THC power laden treats. But it is not at all a deal breaker. The ingredients are all natural, including brown sugar, chocolate, eggs and butter. But the THC content is so high I would recommend this only for the seasoned user.