Few things in life give me more pleasure than doing a Cookies n Cream Brownie Review. 100 decadent mg’s of THC in a sinful brownie make me a happy little boy. Infusion Edibles is an award winning medical edible company that specializes in great dessert treats. Wait until you bite into this fudge brownie with creamy frosting and cookie crumble. Need I say more? I have tried other companies. Let’s see what makes Infusion Edibles a stand out.

Just the Way The Cookie Crumbles

Cookies n Cream Brownie ReviewFirstly, if you’re new to edibles you are going to want to go slow. And this Cookies and Cream is a perfect example of power in a small package. The normal recommended dosage for an edible is 25 mg’s. And that is a lot. Even the most seasoned cannabis user would be super stoned off 25 mg’s. But as your master reviewer I chose to eat half, or 50 mg’s. I was high when I woke up the next morning. But in all fairness, it was so yummy I couldn’t control myself, all that chocolate and crumby topping. Wow.

I tried Cookies and Cream by Venice Cookie Company. It was good, too. You can read that review I did right here https://420.reviews/cookies-n-cream-marijuana-edible-review/. But today we’ re looking at Infusion Edibles.

Cookies n Cream Brownie Review

This brownie was much better tasting than the one I tried from Venice. The reason is rather simple but twofold. Less THC leaves more room for taste. The Venice brownie had 1000 mg’s of THC. That is way too much THC for a small dessert treat. The cannabis taste overwhelms the sweet treat taste.

Infusion Edibles pride themselves on using only gourmet ingredients and delivering consistent medical grade quality products. This Arizona confectioner uses only the most sophisticated extraction methods. And they continually test their products. These brownies have a shelf life of 3 months and should be refrigerated. I give our Cookies n Cream Brownie Review a thumbs up for taste, quality and THC strength. This is a good edible.