This latest offering from HVY Glass is a bong that combines functionality and artsy flair. The combination makes our Color Lip Wrap Bubbler Review with Marble Art Detail essential. This is a great bong at a great price.

There are so many different types of bongs on the market today that just surfing the Internet can become extraordinarily frustrating. That is why you guys and gals have me, you’re unbiased reviewer extraordinaire. I would not have know about this little powerhouse if it had not been for my friend and fellow review writer Bunky. 

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had gone down to the seaside with my dog Brady for a brisk walk in the early morning sun when I came across Bunky walking his puppy. He named his puppy Bunky, too. He is a weird guy. But he is a great writer and pretty much a mad scientist when it comes to all things marijuana related. He invited me over to his pad for a toke, after cleaning up two sizable piles of dog crap and dumping them in the public waste basket. I agreed. I love starting my day with a good high. It takes the whole edge off the stress and all the crap I have to put up with for the rest of the day. So, we get up to his place and smoke up. He smokes the real expensive green buds. So I knew I was about to have a good day. And I did. On the way out the door he handed my a Color Lip Bubbler and asked me to borrow it, use it and then write a review. I agreed.

Color Lip Wrap Bubbler Review with Marble Art Detail

I got home an hour later and fired her up. My girlfriend was already hitting the bong on our bed in her bikini. I know, I have a charmed life. Anyway the bong was great. I really like the size at only 9 inches tall. What I liked most was the female joint. It is a flared and bent joint that is huge at 18mm long. The glass work is solid high end and scientific. The special finish is the selling point of this bong.

The coloring is elegant and original. The Lip Wrap is multi colored with marble decorative all over the place. The blue implosion marbles really make this piece stand out. The blue on the mouthpiece and base do not over state themselves. And the affect on the eyes is pleasant. More than the colored art detail is the fact that is comes in the color of your choice. It is also stamped and etched with the HVY logo. It smokes cool and smooth and comes with a price tag of $119.00.

Color Lip Wrap Bubbler Review

In conclusion, This is a simple yet elegant bong that does the job a fair price. I love it. And you will too. The glass is 5mm thick so it should last you for years of enjoyment. Ok folks, I need to go give Bunky his bong. I was hating thought of giving it back until my girlfriend told me ordered one on online. Love that girl!