Coava Cold Brew Coffee Edibles ReviewOK gang, I just discovered the perfect product. Well, its perfect for me anyway, a morning kick in the ass that both energizes me and mellows me out at the same time. Wow, I have really died and gone to Heaven with this one. I couldn’t wait to run to my computer and do a Coava Cold Brew Coffee Edibles Review for you all. I mean I know I sound like I am raving mad, and I am, but this stuff is liquid gold. After my first two mornings using Coava I busted out the credit card and ordered enough to last me 6 months.

I made the mistake of drinking 3 cups yesterday. In all fairness it was my day off. It was also my wife’s day off. I was feeling so good I took her into the bedroom and gave her the business for an hour and a half. I hadn’t had sex with her in about 3 years. She was thrilled. I barely noticed the 300 pounds she has put on or the missing leg they chopped off when she got diabetes. My only fear is she is going to want more tonight. I better have another cup of Coava.

She came home and went right into the bedroom. I peaked in and she had dressed our dog Carl in a garter belts and a wig. I spotted a strap on lying on the bed. Oh my, was I ever befuddled. I couldn’t imagine it was for me. But I jumped out of the kitchen window and haven’t been back since. I did however take the time to grab my package of Coava Coffee Brew. Poor Carl, I certainly hope it wasn’t meant for him. Please take a minute out of your day and say a prayer for Carl. Thank you guys.

Coava Cold Brew Coffee Edibles Review

Coava Cold Brew Coffee Edibles Review

Next Level really is the next level of medical edible awesomeness. A 16 ounce bottle has 5 mgs of THC. This is a perfect low dosage which allows the coffee drinker, like myself to drink multiples cups without becoming overwhelmed by the affects of the  cannabis. You can easily drink four cups of coffee and be highly functional. That’s a lot of caffeine. However, its really only 20 mgs of THC. Its a nice counter balance.

And as far as a THC treat goes, there are very few that have zero calories. Nothing beats a freshly roasted cup of cold brew coffee. So adding THC to the mix is just heavenly.  Next Level also offers CBD coffee for medical users. So if you don’t care for the “high” of THC but need the relief of CBD, our Coava Cold Brew Coffee Edibles Review is still your best bet. Either way set your alarm clock a little earlier tomorrow. And awake to the best cup of coffee you have ever had in your entire life. Oh, and if you see Carl tell him I miss him.