Club bills themselves as high grade. Our Club Rolling Papers Review will try to decide if this in fact true. First, Clubs come gummed and ungummed. They are pretty fair quality. They were discontinued in 2009. But you can easily find them online.

Club Rolling Papers Review2

These are classic rolling papers. They resemble Zig Zag or Bambuu Rolling papers. Basically, they are a cheap corner store rolling paper. I never set out to get myself a pack. I happened to be in Chicago on a business trip and met a really good looking girl at the hotel bar. I asked her if she had any marijuana. Well, as my luck has it, she did. Then she invited me up to her room. We had no papers. Doh!

Anyway, I ran downstairs. Well, actually I took the elevator. I hit the market right across the street. They had rolling papers. Thank God. What kind you’re asking? Well, wouldn’t you know there they were, Club Rolling Papers. I bought the pack went back to Laura’s room and rolled up some killer Blueberry Buds. Then I spent the next three days in her room. I never even went to my one business meeting.

Club Rolling Papers Review

So here are the deal people. In my humble opinion, these papers are just OK, at best. I don’t think that any real serious pot smoker or joint roller would go out of their way to buy Club Rolling Papers. They do the job in a pinch and that’s about it. The paper is commercial quality. And that is OK.

Club Rolling Papers Review3For the most part, a rolling paper is a rolling paper. These are, or were, mass produced. Therefore, they’re pretty good for college kids on a tight budget. But anyone who smokes every day really ought to be using rice or hemp papers.

The gum papers are terrible actually. But half the papers don’t have enough gum to keep your joint together. More than that the ones that do have gum only work half the time.

In conclusion, these are a last-ditch emergency rolling paper. If you must have a paper in a pinch they will do the job. Aside from that, I would never, ever use Club Papers. They are probably the worst I have ever used. Therefore a Big Thumbs Down Club.