Cloud Buster Marijuana Edibles ReviewTea time, my friends. Or perhaps you’d like a cup of coffee. Either way we’re fresh out of both. However, we have a miraculous replacement for you. And that solution is a Slip. Heat up some water and slip a Cloud Buster into your cup for an uplifting experience you simply can not get in those other boring and old fashion beverages. Instead allow some cannabis and our Cloud Buster Marijuana Edibles Review to set you in the right direction.

Kin Slip is a quality cannabis wellness company that led the way in the sublingual boom. Sublingual’s act differently than traditional edibles. Firstly they bypass the stomach where much of the medical benefits are depleted by acids. Sublingual’s dissolve in the mouth and the throat. Medical patients, as a result, experience instant relief from countless ailments.

And now you can simply pop a tea bag like square into your drink and enjoy a healthy drink that tastes fantastic. Science and real natural healing herbs are finally replacing the harmful pharmaceuticals that have been pushed on us for decades. And thankfully we have Kin Slip leading the way.

Cloud Buster Marijuana Edibles ReviewCloud Buster Marijuana Edibles Review

The Cloud Buster is an all natural panacea that’s blended for energy and focus. And it works. They combine citrus and tarragon with the healing affects of Sativa based cannabinoids and terpenes. I used to have 4 to 5 cups of coffee. It made me sick. My stomach always hurt and I actually suffered from lethargy.

Kin Slips saved my life and my stomach issues are a thing of the past. My energy levels are consistently high throughout the day. And I generally have a better outlook on life. Before using Cloud Buster on a daily basis I was suicidal. I have not once considered taking my life since beginning this program.

You can pick up a 20 Slips Pack. Each Slip contains 5mg. This is the perfect micro dose medication. Also you may choose extra strength Slips up to 20mg per Slip. So depending on your illness or recreational needs Kin Slip has various options and the solution.