Fire up the brick oven. And allow the greatest creation in the History of the Earth to unfold in today’s Clean Healing Pizza Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review. Thanks to this High Times Cannabis Cup Winner you no longer need to chew on gummy’s or eat fattening brownies. You can now make pizza at home just the way you like.

Clean Healing Pizza Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review 1We provide a healthy and delicious THC infused pizza sauce and you do the rest. Trust me, you have never enjoyed cannabis quiet like this. Imagine pulling an oven fresh home made pizza out of your oven with your favourite hand picked toppings and serving up slices to your friends and guests. Well, thanks to Clean Healing that dream is about to become a reality.

Absolutely everything about this pizza sauce rocks. For starters, it is really delicious. Clean Healing only uses the finest locally grown organic products. So, it is not like some guys threw together a corn syrup pizza sauce and blasted some THC into it, au contraire mon frère. You will smell the freshness the instant you pop open the lid. It is just the type of sauce I like. Also, it has that Italian kitchen aroma and just sweet enough to burn off the acid of the tomatoes.

Everyone who came over for Hockey Night at my place thought the sauce was home made and that cannabis must have been in the bread or the mushrooms. So, I let them think I spent all day in the kitchen sweating over a hot stove. Why not? Thanks Clean Healing.

Clean Healing Pizza Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review

The biggest secret to the amazing taste is the fact that Clean Healing teamed up the The Clear Company to create a masterful sauce with virtually zero cannabis taste. The secret to any award winning edible usually starts off with how well they company can hide the marijuana taste. In very high THC treats it is almost impossible to mask that bitter taste. But The Clear has revolutionized the industry.

The Clear Process is trade marked and changing the way medical edibles are infused with THC. Moreover, they use a multi-step process that purifies the cannabis. Firstly, they “winterize.” That means sucking out all the plant fats. Then they “decarboxylate.” This activates the THC. As a result, the THC becomes flavourless and odourless. Therefore, your edible is now pure and far more “edible.” So, pick up a 150mg THC Jar today for only $25. And change the way you eat pizza forever. Mama Mia!