Citrus Kush Review 1This is a Indica dominant hybrid Kush that I find very relaxing yet stimulating. With a THC level 18-20% this fairly strong herb that produces a nice high. The buds themselves are an orange color. Sweet and sour lemon and lime with a hint of candy tantalizes your taste buds. I like this a lot and I’m sure you will be too. Let me tell you something I find interesting when dealing with the smoking of herb in this Citrus Kush Review.

Citrus Kush Review

One of the greatest things about the herb above anything else is how you view things in a different perspective. Although those ideas you might think about are somewhat out there at times. A positive outlook is what you will receive usually in the outcome. I have to say in all honesty it is not or ever wise to mix ganja with alcohol. Sure 1 or 2 drinks is maybe ok with a spliff. Let me tell you by experience being drunk and stoned is not a good combination. Alcohol makes people do dumb and dangerous things. That is proven. You will never see a stoned person picking a fight in a bar.


Weed has a mellowing effect. Moreover you will probably want pizza. If you decide to drink and smoke together I would highly recommend to have a toke or two before the drinks. You will probably find it is all you need. So never smoke after being drunk or close to drunk. Your day or night will not end well. Moreover I don’t have to preach about what can happen because most of you know. Drinking and driving and smoking is a recipe for disaster. Smoking ganja is not nearly as bad as drinking. I would advise not to smoke before driving. I know after toking some of this fine Citrus Kush I would rather be walking.

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