Cinex ReviewCinex is a potent happy herb that gives you clarity. This is great for the experienced toker of fine doobage. The beginner should maybe try a herb that is less strong. THC levels of up to 26%. So this packs a most powerful punch. The buds themselves are a nice deep green with nice orange trichomes hairs that surround the beautiful bodacious buds. I like to wake and bake on my days off. Putting on some great tunes and getting things done around the house. Also I find this is a very creative herb as you will see in this Cinex Review.

Cinex Review

I had just finished a nice spliff of Cinex . It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I was relaxing on the front porch after cutting the lawn. It was then a chicken crossed the road. What could be the reason ? Where was it going ? I was thinking that maybe it was going to visit other chickens. Or maybe just going for a walk to get some exercise to get the circulation going. A chicken concerned with heart health is a smart bird indeed as it were. Curious I was to say the least. So I decided to follow the fast moving feathery frolicsome fowl.


Finally I managed to catch up after following a series of unfortunate broken eggs. Around the corner I spotted a well known fried chicken restaurant. The back door was open and the chicken was herding live birds rapidly into an open field behind. What courage and devotion I witnessed that day. Moreover I found out later that the birds were the rescuer’s second cousins. Returning home I opened my freezer and burst into tears. There before my red eyes were 3 frozen chickens. Now when I toke some Cinex I eat only vegetarian. I feel better and not guilty.

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