Kneel down before your Maker. And get ready to worship today’s Church Marijuana Strain Review. I am ready to confess my sins. I smoke a whole lot of this Indica dominant marijuana. Forgive me, I am a sinner. But to be honest I am going to continue to sin because if smoking this stuff is wrong then you can send me straight to Hell. I have seen the light. I smoke Church. And I feel like I have everlasting life. I know there is a loving God and that he wants me to be happy. Of this I am sure, because he led me to Church.

I haven’t been to Church in many years. I even try to avoid funerals if possible. Turns out, I just don’t buy it.  I was an altar boy when I was in a private Catholic grammar school. Then I went to a Jesuit High School. So, I know a thing or two about the Church. We used to sneak into the Chapel and smoke up. They only used it on weekends so we basically lived in there and never got caught once.

Church Marijuana Strain Review 2

Church Marijuana Strain Review

The split is 70/30 in favor of Indica. Church is a hybrid of Super Skunk and Swiss Sativa Skunk. So, you have probably ascertained that this is stinky stuff. This hybrid is actually the brain child of the band System of a Down. If you are not familiar with the band Youtube them. They’re a bunch of maniacs. Church is a lyric from one of their songs.

Church gives a great body high. Right after smoking you will feel very relaxed. You will be limber enough to bow down before the altar or just slide down on to your knees and thank a merciful God for bringing you to Church.

The THC level is a powerful 19%. But not to worry, it’s more of a body high. After you settle down you can still be social and get stuff done. You won’t get couch locked. And the taste is fantastic. It is skunky but it’s also very sweet. There are nice overtones of berries.

So, if you are a spiritual person like myself you will want to get to Church right away. Also there’s no need to wait until Sunday. This Church is always open. God Bless.