Chunky Diesel Shatter Review by Cresco Labs

I am here to “shatter” everything you thought you knew about getting high. It’s time to throw that bong, that pipe and those rolling papers out the window. It is a new day and Cresco Labs is about to blow your mind. It’s all about the shatter, baby. Shatter will change the way you use cannabis forever. Try it once and there is really no going back to the old traditional methods. And why would you when you can smoke over 90% pure THC?

What Exactly is Shatter Anyway?

Chunky Diesel Shatter ReviewShatter is a super high potency form of cannabis. It is a brown or caramel, glass-like concentrate that is very THC pure. It is so pure it has very little flavour and hits harder than Mike Tyson. This is due to the lack of terpenes. However, strains such as Chunky Diesel have high levels of terpenes. Some of that minute residue remains and the flavour hints are fantastic.

There is no stronger or higher THC concentrate available than shatter. The extraction process varies and so too does the potency and flavour. But one thing is for sure and that is the power. Shatter is processed using either butane or propane for extraction. Sometimes a combination of both is used. The methods and nuances can change the molecular makeup of the final product insofar as taste and purity are concerned.

Chunky Diesel Shatter Review

This stuff rocks plain and simple. If you are familiar with shatter you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t tried Chunky Diesel you are in for a real treat. This is a great shatter. THC levels are generally around 75% and CBD close to 2%. That is a sweet and potent mix. The concentrate is a result of crossbreeding Deep Chunk and Sour Diesel strains. These are specifically bred by Ganja Rebel Seed Company for Cresco Labs.

You can enjoy Chunky Diesel at low temps for flavour. You will notice light hints of citrus and gasoline, a very interesting and intoxicating mixture. If you prefer burning at higher temps you will notice more of an aromatic almost floral flavour. The effects are instant and powerful. The high is very physical and felt throughout the body. You will also realize a nice Sativa energy boost that helps clear your mind. Go get shattered today. You will never look back.