Chronic ReviewSome people think that Weed makes you Lazy or lethargic or gives you lack of motivation. To some extent that is true with certain strains that ca leave you couch locked. However I have found that Chronic has the opposite effect on most people. Chronic is a Sativa and Indica Hybrid that is uplifting and energetic. Chronic has a skunky and deep pungent aroma, even a cat piss smell at times. Not all all the time though. The taste is sweet like honey and also a bit skunky too. For me this is one herb that gives me energy like none other. I use this when I feel like getting things done as you will see in my Chronic Review.

Chronic Review

Sometimes on my day off my wife and I will wake and bake some fine Chronic. Shuga will put on some good tunes and I will make the breakfast. After we will pack up the tennis rackets and head down to the courts on the mountain bikes. We will play for an hour or two. Sometimes longer if we meet another couple who would like to play doubles. Then we take a long ride down the sea wall and stop once in a while to sit on a bench and look out at the beautiful city of Vancouver.


We then at some point lock up the bikes and go for a hike in Stanley Park and have another toke of Chronic. Then it’s back on the bikes to cruise down to Granville Island. There are always excellent street performers and musicians to enjoy. We usually walk around for an hour and then enjoy a nice meal at one of the many fine cafes that can be found along the waterfront. Chronic really gives us energy and makes us want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Highly recommended for those who need a little motivation.

Medicinal Benefits

I find Chronic is one of the best strains for pain. It is also used for glaucoma, depression , stress and for increasing appetite.