Chocolope ReviewYou combine the great Chocolate Thai and the great Cannalope Haze as did DNA Genetics you conceive a super cerebral Sativa. With a satisfying chocolate with a hint of coffee flavor you will be wide awake in a dream like euphoria. Chocolope is tasty and sweet to the senses, this Sativa is a happy, energetic and uplifting herb. Moreover you can get creative as you will find in this Chocolope Review

Chocolope Review

My friend Fleegle McDougal who is in the musical theater business and I were toking up some sweet Chocolope herb a few months ago. What a great idea ! ” Hamilton – The Phantom king of the Miserable Cats ” . A conglomeration of all our favorite Broadway shows. This is going to be a vast undertaking to say the least. We also have to interweave the plots from the four plays with a combination costumes, set design, and music.


Raised by lion’s the phantom is captivated by Opera music. Hearing some big game hunters from America playing it on a phonograph in the middle of the jungle. Captured the phantom is found to be Alexander Hamilton. Those nasty miserable cat’s rescue him just as he was to be returned to North America to become President. The cat’s are not happy also and are not to be messed with. The music is going to be African Hip Hop with an Operatic vibe. This is exciting project to be working on and Chocolope is really helping with our inspiration. So we are hoping millions of people will come and see and the final production.

Side effects

Also Chocolope has many fine medicinal qualities which include uses for pain. fatigue, stress, headaches and depression. This is just one of the fine herbs that are helping millions of people tat suffer with these conditions and do not want to take man made chemicals with there side effects.

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