Chocolope Marijuana Strain ReviewOh, my friends, you will thank me for this Chocolope Marijuana Strain Review. Trust me. First of all, you have never had a cooler combination of flavors exhale out of your mouth. The delicate balance of fruit and chocolate is enough to make you almost want to just put the buds right in your mouth, chew, swallow and smile. And as soon as you open the bag, it hits you like an expensive desert at your favorite restaurant.

Chocolope is a unique strain that was created by fusing Chocolate Thai and Cantalope Haze. This is decadent. I like to bust this out on date night. It is perfect Fellas. Again, trust me. It is not as powerful an aphrodisiac as Purple Panty Dropper. But it gets the job done. For me its better. That is because I like to cook a romantic dinner, preferably Thai ( sticking to the theme ) and finish off the meal with a few tokes of Chocolope. It is like fine dining without the calories or expensive bill. There is no tipping required.

Chocolope Marijuana Strain Review

Chocolope Marijuana Strain ReviewThe good folks over at DNA Genetics developed this decadent strain for your taste bud and toking pleasure. I seriously enjoy just popping open my lid and smelling the stuff before I go to bed at night. Then I have Willy Wonka induced dreams, where  I am being whisked down a chocolate river in a big cantalope boat. The dream usually ends with the boat sinking and me having sex with Angelina Jolie and some Oompa Loompas watching us and pleasuring themselves. Hey, it’s my dream. Get your own.

This is a totally cerebral strain. The heavily loaded Sativa strain wipes out a bad mood. Much like Rosie O Donnell wipes out a case of chocolate cookies before diner each night. Chocolope has lots of uplifting qualites and really boosts euphoria. Also, at the same time, it really motivates me. Give me a sink full of dirty dishes and a couple hits of Chocolope and you will have a sparkling clean kitchen. Hell, I will most likely wash the walls before my buzz wears off.

Chocolope rocks. It is special. Mostly, it is a treat that you deserve. So, go get some. You work hard. So, you should spoil yourself. And,this is just the strain. But much more importantly, don’t forget to invite a sexy date. Because it is much better to share.