Chocolate Pips Marijuana Edibles ReviewKick back and get ready for our mouthwatering Chocolate Pips Marijuana Edibles Review. I love Altai. They make the best dessert chocolate edibles that you can buy. I loved their Bon Bons and so I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into these Pips.

I got the Salted Almond Pips of course. Why? Because it just simply makes my mouth when I think of the decadence of that combination. And I was right folks, Wow! Trust me. You have never had anything more delicious in your mouth. Unless of course you’re married to Scarlet Johansson. In which case you can piss off for sleeping with my gal. But I digress.

Have a dinner party. And be sure to invite Pips. Then you can invite any one you want. Also invite that couple you usually hate to really hang around with but feel like you have to once in awhile. Make sure they enjoy their meal and have a few strong drinks. Then bust out your cannabis laced dessert. Let that special couple have as many they want. Two words: “Problem Solved.” Thanks Pips.

Chocolate Pips Marijuana Edibles ReviewChocolate Pips Marijuana Edibles Review

Altai is a great company. They take chocolate and confections very seriously. But even more importantly, they take cannabis seriously. And what a lovely combination they make when done right. Altai is an award winning outfit for a reason, quality. The name itself comes from an ancient Siberian Queen. She was buried over 2,500 years ago with a vessel of cannabis at her side. They knew almost 3000 years ago what we are fighting our elected officials for to this very day. How despicable is that? Well, times they are a changing kiddos. And Altai is here leading the way.

The Salted Almond Pips combine sativa and indica in a 5 or 25mg treats that will rock your world. So pick up a 300mg tin today and prepare yourself for a dinner party this weekend that your guests will be talking about for several years to come.