I love a good medical edible that tastes good, is good for me and gets me high all at the same. Our Chocolate Fruit Nut Snack Bar Review is all about healthy snack choices, a delicious quality snack and a really nice high. What more do you need? Well, maybe love. They say love is all you need. But without Lucy Goosey love might get a bit boring and grow cold. So, keep that fire stoked and get munching. You will be so glad you did.

Lucy Goosey – Making Edibles Cool Again

Chocolate Fruit Nut Snack Bar Review 1Making edibles cool again is Lucy’s motto. And these are some really cool and sophisticated treats. Lucy is a hot young chick out of Los Angeles that prides her company on high end premium snacks that taste good, are good for you and get you high. Sounds like a home run to me. That is exactly what I look for in a good medical edible. What’s really cool for me is a dessert or snack treat that isn’t fattening and laden with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. This snack bar is all natural, delicious nuts topped with dried fruit and drizzled in vegan chocolate chips. My God, are they yummy. Hold on I need to eat one right now. Ah, that’s better.

Chocolate Fruit Nut Snack Bar Review

Simply put, you really can not have a healthier snack than fruit and nuts that really goes without saying. Top it off with chocolate and you have what could be considered the perfect snack bar. Add 50mg’s of THC and as they say in the Italian Mafia, “Forget about it!” This bar is infused with 90% activated THC distillate. So, if you were grouchy and hungry before snack time, you will be neither afterwards. All this for around $6 dollars. I mean you’ve got to be kidding. Lucey Goosey is based out of sunny and polluted L.A. where they have been crafting sophisticated edibles since 2016. Order directly from Lucy and she will only charge you $7 bucks for delivery. Orders over $40 dollars will run you $13 bucks. Now get back to work!