Chocolate Chunk is a Hindu Indica strain from TH seeds. A super relaxing potent strain that I have ever experienced. Let me explain in this Chocolate Chunk Review.

Chocalate Chunk ReviewChocolate Chunk Review

Have you ever had your heart broken . If would have not let me tell you it is the most severe pain of all pain. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. I remember when I found out my best friend was sleeping with the best wife I ever had. He was the best man at our wedding and my first cousin !

The emotions of betrayal and heartbreak were overwhelming. Devastated beyond belief. I felt physically sick and could not even speak. Walking around the empty house like a zombie.

I started to drink a lot and dwell on all the negativity. This did in all respects pull me down into the depths of severe suicidal depression. One day my friend Jim came over with bag of Chocolate Chunk. We had a few tokes from the vaporizer.

Love Herb


I got a nice cool high. It was then my friend told me that in no uncertain terms that I must move forward and not dwell on the past. As a gift of love and help, he presented with a ticket to Jamaica. You will come back a new man he promised. Just as I left for the airport for the direct flight I had a few hits of Chocolate Chunk.

The flight was blissful and for once in a long time I started to feel the pressure of the situation lighten. When I arrived I took a taxi to Negril and stopped at a roadside bar and bought a ice cold Red Stripe and a joint. With the reggae playing on the radio and the interesting conversation of the cabbie Winston, it was a wonderful ride.

The next two weeks were some of the best of my life. I met a couple of cool hippy’s from Los Angeles. They had some Chocolate Chunk they got from the farmer. Needless to say I met a super model Veronica from New York and spent countless hours frolicking in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Now we are going to get married. All that past shit is out of my mind. Broken hearts always leave a scar. But these scars will heal and love will find you. I can attest to that, as it were ! Kudos to Chocolate Chunk – love you !

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