Chiquita Banana Marijuana Strain ReviewGet ready to go Bananas. This medicinal hybrid has been called “The World’s Best Marijuana Strain.”  The tokers have spoken. And as a result, CB has won countless awards including, “Winner of the World Canibus Cup.” Well, that ought be enough for anyone who has ever smoked pot in their entire life to want to give this bud a try. I certainly wanted to. So I Did. And, well I don’t remember much after that. But they said I had fun. So, here’s a little Chiquita Banana Strain Review.

I remember when I lived in San Fransisco we were smoking Strawberry Banana. At that time that was strongest weed on Earth. And this is a hybrid of that Regal Lineage. But its way more powerful. Sometimes technology is scary. And this is the case here.

Chiquita Banana Strain Review

Chiquita Banana is just so great all around. The taste and the high are both overwhelming. This shit has a THC level of 33%. Do you want to get high? Well then, this is the bud for you. You can laugh your problems and your memory away if you smoke CB. The proven medical benefits are through the roof. When it comes to depression, PTSD, anxiety or basically any stress related order, CB is a cure.

Chiquita Banana Strain ReviewThe healing powers are real. This hybrid of Banana OG and OG Kush is used by many patients for all sorts of maladies. Hell, its so powerful, how could anything negatively effect you whilst high on this shit. So, for chronic pain suffers this is a must. The high THC level works wonders on chronic pain. Chron’s suffers find great relief as well.

Its a beautiful plant loaded with yellow hairs and orange dank. The aroma is sweet and heavy. As good as CB is for pain its a great cerebral high. The high is powerful. Remember the THC level is some of the highest ever recorded in marijuana. That’s crazy.

 Chiquita Banana Strain Review – Thoughts

This Sativa dominant, THC level powerhouse is not for the faint of heart or soul. If you need relief from any kind of pain in this insane world, be it mental or physical, The Banana will help you get through it. Together. Just you and your Banana.