I tested this strain out with my girlfriend. It was great. Then I tested it out with my wife. And she liked it too. When your Cherry Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review starts off with the word “Fuck,” you know you’re about to have some fun. And we all did. We really had fun when I finally got the two crazies together. And I honestly believe if it weren’t for the Thunder Fuck I would almost certainly not have had the best night of my life. I can still smell the cherries when I close my eyes. And that was 20 years a ago.

Christy was working security with me at the summer concerts. We were both really young. This was a special appointment, not a job you could just get by applying. Anyway, we were back stage at a heavy metal concert. And the band Warrant invites us onto the tour bus to smoke a joint. So we go.

Cherry Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review 1The lead singer, and now dead Jani Lane, steals my gal then kicks me out of the bus. And that’s Rock n Roll Fuckers. Imagine your Rock Hero Dick Head steals your girl. This is the guy that was sleeping with super model Bobbi Brown in her peak and wrote the song,”Cherry Pie” that Bobbi Brown starred in. Youtube it if you’re younger than 30. It is cheesy. But it’s cool. And she sure is fun to watch. Smoke some Thunder Fuck first or the song might really suck.

Cherry Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review

Let’s talk about the actual stain, shall we? OK. First this is a hybrid of Cherry Bomb and a double marriage on Dad’s side of Maple Leaf Indica and The original Thunder Fuck. Those are both bad ass and world famous strains. So it is easy to see why this Canadian strain is quickly lighting forest fires and blazing reviews.

CTF has got an increidbly pungent aroma. It is a super overwhelming cherry stink. The taste is fruity and sweet , earthy and sour all at the same time. Dont smoke it at work you will get caught. You will get a nice energy boost and feel happy for pretty much the entire day.

It is powerful so you may experience some slight paranioa and for sure dry mouth. But you will also feel euphoric and numb. It gives a great body high and relieves stress quite well.

We sure hope you enjoyed our Cherry Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review. We hope it got you as turned on as we all are here at 420.Reviews. Go get some Baby.