Cherry OG ReviewCherry Og is a fantastic hybrid strain with an international lineage. This is a beautiful blend of Afghani, Cherry Thai, and Lost China OG. A combination that leaves the lucky toker with a feeling with a calming, relaxing and a very euphoric high. With a sweet cherry flavour and a THC level of 20 – 23% theses leafy robust buds might just be the green you have been looking for. I will tell you a bit more of the virtues of this wondrous weed in this Cherry Og Review.

Cherry OG Review

It was early last Monday morning when after various unsuccessful attempts at making love to my gorgeous wife Shuga. I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle. My toast caught on fire and I forget to unplug it. So I got a huge shock when I stuck a fork in the toaster to dig out the flaming whole wheat. Stumbling and limping to my car with blackened fingers I discovered my wheels had been stolen. I called a cab and arrived at the office an hour late due to an accident on the highway.

One of those days

The overturned truck full of fresh squid had blocked all traffic. When I arrived my boss Mr. Schminkle called me into his office. He told me my job was terminated due to downsizing. Cleaned out my desk and wandered embarrassed past my fellow workers. Limping to the bus stop with my cardboard box I felt totally dejected. Moreover when I arrived home I found my wife crying in the front yard. Beavers had chewed through our giant oak tree. It had fallen and cut the house in half. Well I knew what to do. The kitchen was undamaged so I grabbed a couple of ice cold beer and a nice fat spliff of Cherry OG and Shuga and I sat back and relaxed in the back yard and watched the squirrels. Life is good and tomorrow is another day.

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