Cherry Kola is a great Indica from the Sonoma California region. This herb is recommended for night time use because this can be very relaxing. Yet this herb has very uplifting and euphoric and will leave you with a serious case of the munchies.

I personally always keep some of my favourite snacks on board. When I know Cherry Kola will be a part of my evening activities. This fine herbage like it’s name has a nice cherry cola taste and smell. The buds have nice frosty trichomes and are webbed with fine red hairs. This ganja helped myself and especially my girlfriend as you will see in this Cherry Kola review.

Cherry Kola Review

I first met Cindy when we both attended high school together. Poor Cindy was the brunt of all the jokes. I felt sorry for her. She has beautiful long curly blonde hair and a figure of a super model. The only thing that set her apart from the other girls was that she was a Cyclops.

Close-Up Woman Mouth and Smoke

One eye in the middle of her forehead. But my what a beautiful eye it is. Bright blue with a very long eyelash. She was very shy and introverted because of cruelty of her fellow classmates. I would make a point of having lunch with her and compliment her. She told me later I was a shining light in those dark days of hers.

Ease the pressure

Little did I know I would once again be of help to her. Ten years later on a cool fall day I was walking in the park and happened to see a woman with her head in her hands crying. I stopped and asked her what was wrong. She looked up and I could see it was Cindy the Cyclops. Her giant eye was red and watery. She had been crying because she had developed a bad case of glaucoma. This made her only eye sore and bulge out.

I took Cindy out for lunch and told her about the treatment of her condition with marijuana. I hooked her up with an ounce of Cherry Kola. After a week she called me and told me her eye was so much better. We are now dating and talking of marriage. I know she will keep an eye on me ! If you enjoyed this review you might also like