Today you can treat yourself to a scrumptious Cherry Almond Tart Review courtesy of Treat Yourself. I grew up on a steady diet of Pop Tarts for breakfast. Nothing was easier for Mom than putting a couple Pop Tarts in the toaster and pushing a button. And nothing made us happier than wolfing down those hot toasted sugar laced beauties. I did not know what a “sugar high” was at the time. But looking back now it still makes me laugh how insane it would make us act. I gave up Pop Tarts long ago because they’re basically poison in a box. I also gave up smoking pot for the same reason. However, I now get to enjoy the best of both worlds in a far healthier manner with Treat Yourself’s Tart snack.

Cherry Almond Tart Review – Health High

Cherry Almond Tart, Treat Yourself, Sexy Brunette, Woman in red bikini, Red lipsThese Tarts will make your day. They are healthy from start to finish. The gals at Treat Yourself use only all natural ingredients in all their products. These Tarts start off with a Chia seed dough that they wrap around fresh wholesome fruits and nuts. They use organic almonds and fresh farm grown cherries. Toss in a loving spoonful of THC and CBD and the rest of your day will be chock full of wellness. The Tarts contain no refined sugar in the manufacturing of this “Superfood.” Each treat is a gluten and soy free vegan pop tart that packs 5 mg’s of THC and CBD. You no longer need to take multi-vitamins or any other pill to kick your day off on the right foot.

Treat Yourself – Good Nutritional Wellbeing

Good food does the body and mind a world of good. So, too do CBD and THC. This women based cannabis company prides itself on this principal. Their mantra is “my body is my temple.” And so, it should be treated accordingly. One goal is provide nutrient rich cannabis infused snacks that heal the body and the mind at the same time. Cannabis is medicine. So too is the food you eat. You either ingest nutrients or poison. There is no way around it. Let the girls change your life with their full line of natural body products. Go ahead and “Treat Yourself!”