Chemdawg ReviewChemdawg is somewhat of a famous herb with a mysterious past. A mix of lineage’s of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This hybrid has a very pungent aroma with a earthy a pine flavor. A hybrid that packs a punch with THC levels from 15 – 20%. Very Relaxed and happy you will find this very popular strain. I also find Chemdawg to be uplifting and gives me a certain aspects of creativity. So almost everyday researchers are finding more and more ways of using cannabis in a positive way as you will see in this Chemdawg Review.

Chemdawg Review

Recently on a sports program they ere interviewing various professional NFL football players. They were addicted to opioid pain killers that the team doctors had prescribed for them. These pain killers were having very adverse effects on there well being. Also being so highly addictive they were increasingly needing more and more. Sometimes they would be on the field and risk a new injury because of the numbing effects of the painkilling narcotic pills. The interview had five players that had gone to rehab to get off the pills which was a very trying experience. So now they say when the have an injury or soreness after a game they use cannabis for relief.


The players all agreed it helped immensely without any of the side effects the opioid had. Moreover the cannabis made there home life and social situations better and less stressful. So more people are dying everyday because of prescription drugs than ever before. It has become an epidemic that is growing not only in the in the inner city but also in the affluent suburbs . There is a safer alternative and it is cannabis. Which has shown to allieviate pain in a natural way without the side effects and addiction of prescription opioid pain killers. Chemdawg is one of the herbs I used to help me in a recent painful knee injury.


Chemdawg is also known besides pain relief to be useful in the treatment of Depression, stress, insomnia, and increasing appetite. Cannabis is a safe natural alternative to most prescription pain killers.