Ever have a bad day? I sure do. Today was one. No matter what I said or did I could not win. Even when I went out of my way to be extra nice I was still, somehow, the jerk. Welcome to my miserable life. Well, that is until I got home and popped open a beer and grabbed my bag of Cheetos. It didn’t take long for me to forget about all the jerks, my lack of friends or my horrifying financial situation. If you had a bad day too you need this Cheetos Pot Chips Marijuana Edibles Review.

Cheetos Pot Chips Marijuana Edibles Review 1My life generally sucks. I never get a break and even when I do it somehow ends up making things even worse. I give and give and all I get is heartbreak. The more love I give the more sad and alone I feel. And I now know that no good deed goes unpunished. It’s funny how almost everything in life is a bizarre paradox.

I sometimes think I should be an asshole. But then I go home and sit and cool off and eat some Pot Chips and everything starts to look like it might be OK. I know deep down inside everything will somehow be OK one day. I just don’t know how. So until that day arrives I will munch on my Pot Chips and hope for the best.

Cheetos Pot Chips Marijuana Edibles Review

Cheetos are the perfect munching snack for purely recreational reasons. So, if you like to sit around with the boys, or it’s girls night out, and you want to laugh your head off, we have got the answer. Cheetos are strong taste wise and strength wise. They are hot, really hot. You will need frosty beverages on hand. And the strength is not to be fooled with.

One $15 dollar bag contains 300mg of THC. So, these puppies are dangerous. Go slow. If you forget how many you are munching you may very well find yourself couch locked. Therefore, these are not the best lunch time chips to have with your sandwich at work.

But if you’re home on the weekend or bummed out after work open a bag of Cheetos and open the door to a better night. Keep on Munching Kids!