Ready for a cheesy review? Well, today’s Cheese Marijuana Strain Review is just that. Cheese is a stinky Indica dominant strain that dates back to the late 70s and early 80s. Cheese is skunky for a reason. It is a direct descendant of Skunk and Afghani.┬áThis stuff stinks. But it stinks soooo good.

Cheese Marijuana Strain Review2

This stuff ought to be The Green Bay Packers official weed. For sure, those “Cheese Heads” could use some strong herb. Having to sit a Lambeau Feild, in negative 10-degree temperatures, watching Aaron Rodgers kick ass, requires a good storage. How else could you sit out there for 4 hours?

And just imagine the football vendors selling Cheese Buds to the fans. It could be a playoff game and the Packers could be getting their asses kicked and no one would give a sweet shit. In fact, the entire stadium would be laughing hysterically. Think of the money the other vendors would be making. The hot dog vendors, the popcorn guys, and beer sellers would all sell out. As a result, everyone would make a fortune. More than that, I would become a season ticket holder. And I’m a Patriots fan.

Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

First, it should be noted that this stuff does not taste like cheese. But it does smell like cheese. Secondly, when you grind up a nice green bud it seriously smells like some one’s “cutting the cheese.” It tastes sweet though. I like the citrusy sort of aftertaste on the exhale. It’s subtle but nice. Lastly, it’s a great strain.

Cheese Marijuana Strain Review3It’s a very relaxing Indica. It settles really nice into the body after the initial head buzz. It does not knock your socks off though. You can function and feel pretty sweet at the same time. Cheese has been shown to be greatly successful in treating all kinds of mental disorders. These include depression, anxiety, spasms, and stress.

Cheese Marijuana Strain Review – Final Thoughts

This is a great after work strain. If you’re nervous or wound up this stuff will chill you out. Its mellowing effects are really good. Therefore you will love this stuff. But if you go over to a friends house and they have some, don’t steal it. Because it is “Nacho Cheese.”