Welcome to our Cheef Chew Pure CBD Marijuana Edibles Review. Try saying that 3 times fast. Try chewing on a 50 mg chew of pure CBD and you won’t want to do anything 3 times fast. These are non psyco active medical chews that are generally used for medical reasons. Patients that suffer from a huge variety of pain and illnesses use CBD to find relief. And it works. If you are looking to get “high” this is really not a stoner product.¬†

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CBD is non-psychoactive. It does not affect the brain the same way that THC does. But the medical benefits are as good or better. Marijuana strains with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC were almost non existent until recently. This is due to the fact that master breeders have now learned how to control new hybrid strains and the levels of boht THC and CBD.

Advancements in medicine are taking leaps and bounds each year. But in no other field has there been greater developments than in the usage and application of medical marijuana. This is a rather new field thanks to our government making marijuana a Class One Drug. That means mot only is it highly illegal to buy or sell or smoke, it is also illegal to even allow scientists to study it. Thankfully that is all changing as the States continue to successfully legalize it.

Cheef Chew Pure CBD Marijuana Edibles Review

These CBD chews are fantastic. If you suffer from chronic pain, cancer or seizures you need to get these today. 50 mgs of pure CBD works wonders on pain and spasms. One pack only costs $14 dollars. Cheef Chews are not only pure CBD but they are also pure in their ingredients.

Each chew is organic and all natural. They are also vegan. These things are good for you. I tried one just so I could write this review for you fine folks. I do not particularly suffer from anything other than the pains of life and getting old.

After chewing, what little aches I had seemed to vanish and I actually did feel a little high. I was in a great mood and definitely felt an energy boost. So, although I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy Cheef Chews as I am not sick. I certainly wouldn’t say no to one. This is a great life saving product.