Champagne Kush ReviewChampagne Kush has all the fine qualities you can look for in a hybrid Kush strain. This fine herb is a 50/50 split of Indica and Sativa. This cannabis that leaves you with a great body high and a excellent cerebral effect. A very social happy herb that gets you motivated. I find creativity is one of the things I like the most in this strain of Kush.

This is a hard hitting herb is not really for the novice and only a small amount is needed. Moreover paranoia and cottonmouth can occur with this powerful ganja. Everything will settle within minutes and so you will feel an superb high indeed. These buds are so sticky with resin and are abundant with frosty trichomes. The taste is earthy and sweet with an pungent citrus hash aroma. A Kush that helps me with creativity as you will see in this Champagne Kush Review.

Champagne Kush Review

My wife and I had the pleasure recently of receiving an invitation to a new art installation at a famous gallery in New York. My wife and I had a few tokes of Champagne Kush.  Also when we entered and had quite a buzz.  So a bit paranoid at first because I was dressed in farmers overalls with an orange bowler hat. Thought it was cool but it seemed to draw a lot a strange looks that made me so it me feel uncomfortable. So it was not long however that people assumed I was a well known celebrity because of my attire.


For so now I discussed with fellow patrons the merits of paintings of Jackson Pollack and also Picasso. The herb gave me inspiration of taking up painting myself. Within a week I had bought art supplies. After toking some Champagne Kush I would paint every night. Now after 2 month’s I myself have paintings in 4 different galleries. The herb has helped me unleash my hidden talent. I am looking forward to selling my first painting. I will celebrate for sure with a toast of Champagne Kush which helped make everything possible.

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Conditions such as anxiety , pain, depression, muscle spasms, PTSD and psychosis are relieved with this strain.