Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler Water Pipe ReviewI am pretty sure our Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler Water Pipe Review today will make you a believer. I had never used a pipe like the Chameleon in my life. Hell,  I didn’t know water pipes existed. I am sure happy I now not only know, but I also have one in my collection. I love the technology here. What a brilliant idea to combine the best of pipe usage with that of a bong or water filtration devices.
I am a bit of a chameleon when it comes to how I like to smoke, I sort of go through phases that can last a day a week and even months. In fact, I spent the last month smoking mostly joints. It was nice outside so I would go for a walk each time I had the urge. Before that I was on a big vaporizer kick. That is because it was cold. Oh, and also the fact that I am out of work, And then I got this pipe. I ve been sucking on it for 3 weeks non-stop.
This thing is actually a spubbler. Why? Because its a spoon. Its a bubbler. Its a pipe. Therefore its a spubbler. The engineering is really fascinating  Lets take a look.

Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler Water Pipe Review

Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler Water Pipe ReviewThe remarkable design does not allow the water to escape or enter you mouth. Just look at and you can see the intricate inner workings. Its very cool. So you get the benefits of a giant bong in the small and portable shape of a hand help glass pipe.

This is a durable pipe as well. It is manufactured from high grade scientific glass. I know because I have already dropped mine 3 times and so far so good. It is only 5 1/2 inches long and less than 2 inches wide so can easily slide this sweet water pipe right into you pants pocket. It also comes in different colors. So take you pick.

Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler Water Pipe Review – Final Thoughts

The Monsoon is fun and easy to use. It is affordably priced at $65 dollars. But the best feature is that you can have a hand held and discreet pipe that doubles as a bong without cumbersome size of a traditional bong. I like it. Wait I love it. Well, I like it a lot, I am a bit of a chameleon when trying to decide how much I like this bubbler.