sexy brunette dessousWelcome to the CFX. This dry herb vaporizer is both portable and affordable at $169.00. This a great little machine that stands right up there with my Crafty or my Mighty. But the cost is significantly less. And so, today’s CFX Portable Vaporizer Review will attempt to ascertain whether or not it stands up to the competition.

I love vaporizers for every reason. The portability is great. The control and power of the delivery system is unmatched by any other form of smoking. I am sure that vaporizers are the future of marijuana smoking. And Boundless Vapes is on the cutting edge, making quality products a much lower price point than their competition.

CFX Portable Vaporizer Review

The CFX has a very fast heat up time. For that reason I already liked it after one hit. And the Temp LED display easily displays any and all information that you would ever need to improve the quality of your session. The size is nice, 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It is a little big but fits great and comfortably in the hand. It fits in your pocket but is not all that comfortable. I suggest putting it your backpack. But one plus to the size is the big bowl. Therefore you can pack 0.5 grams. And that is important.

nude girl bathThe kit itself comes with everything you need. You get a wall charger and a USB cable charger. In the wall it fully charges in about a half hour. In the laptop however you will require closer to 3 hours. The heating unit and chamber are 100% ceramic, the best possible material for heating dry herb. And the heating settings range from about 100 to 430 degrees. So, it is easy to find your perfect setting. You can heat up to 400 in less than 20 seconds. That’s pretty impressive.

Cleaning is easy. Unfortunately it is also required quite often. After one session the screen is usually pretty clogged. As a result it’s very hard to draw a decent hit. The batteries are solid. You get two,  7.4v 2500mAh-Li-ion batteries. That is a good value in and of itself.

CFX Portable Vaporizer Review – Summary

At $169 dollars the CFX is a good value. If you want a more discreet smoker and more portable vaporizer there are pens on the market that do the same job at the same price. But over all The CFX is a good deal. Thanks and Happy Vaping.