Cereal Box Dab Rig ReviewThink outside the box, the cereal box. I know what you’re thinking. There is no way that is real. Well, it is folks. It’s real and actually works quite well, surprisngly. It is certainly one of the more unique dab rigs you are ever going to find. And it is really a fun design, if nothing else. It surely has a place in any collectors display case. At first you laugh. Then you get intrigued. Smoking should be fun and this Cereal Box Dab Rig Review is just that, fun

Cap’n Crunch is and always has been my favorite breakfast cereal. I remember when they came out with Crunch Berries. That was the regular Cap’n Crunch with red round berry balls. It was only available before Christmas for some strange reason. But it became part of our family Christmas morning tradition. I know that sounds weird but its true. You can ask my mother. Just don’t tell her about the dab rig. She never understood why we smoked weed.

Cereal Box Dab Rig Review -Specs

Cereal Box Dab Rig ReviewLiquid Sci has cornered the market on breakfast cereal brand knock off dab rigs. The most amazing thing is that they only cost about $25 bucks. Hell, a box of real Cap’n Crunch now costs like $8 dollars. Anyway, the bong is fun and small and actually works.

If you dab concentrates or oils this is a must have. You get the laughs going before you even get high.The glass work is American and solid. It comes with a fitted slit diffuser that does a decent job breaking up your smoke. The mouthpiece is removable. The male joint is a 15mm joint. And the domeless nail is a nice ceramic design. Also, it coes in 5 different cereal spoofs. So you can pick our own favorite.

Cereal Box Dab Rig Review – Summary

This is not the best quality. It is obviously more of a gimmick. But its fun and it smokes pretty good. On the down side, it is super hard to clean. And the quality is far from spectacular. But again, its fun. So have some fun and go get high Dabbers!