CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle Cure

We are witnessing the first real medical revolution in over 100 years with the inception of cannabinoid usage. And although less than 5% of doctors prescribe or even understand the miraculous power or endless applications, the general public is catching on at light speed. Why? Because it works. Sadly, our government not only made cannabis illegal, they also listed it as a Class One Drug, meaning researchers and scientists have not even been allowed to study it, until now. Thankfully, the people have spoken and times they are a changing. CBD is now legal and available in all 50 States. Why? Because it works. Now let’s look at how and why CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle Cure is here to stay.

There have been quack doctors, panaceas and placebos since the beginning of time. But these charlatans and fakes are quickly being replaced by real medicines like cannabinoids. The medical world in the USA today consists of pharmaceuticals and profiteering doctors and organizations. Their sole purpose is to make money. They are not in the business of making you well. They are in the business of creating dependent long term clients. Drugs typically do not heal the user. They simply mask the pain or the symptoms and create addicts. Look at the opioid crisis in the States. It is beyond criminal what these monstrous corporations are allowed get away with legally.

Ironically studies now show opioids do not even manage pain effectively. They simply drug you up while under the influence. However, cannabis does work and on many levels. It not only relieves pain it actually treats the symptoms. There is no contest. Hence the revolution. And the revolution is CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle Cure!

CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle Cure

CBD Oils treat more illnesses and ailments than any other known medicine on Earth. Could you even name one drug that has multiple applications? I didn’t think so. Then there is cannabis. And specifically today we are looking at CBD. In case you’re in the dark as to what exactly CBD is allow me to explain. The two “drugs” so to speak in marijuana that affect us are CBD and THC. THC is what gets you high. It is the psychotropic chemical in marijuana. Then there’s CBD which works in a very similar fashion without the “high.”

CBD is a relative newcomer in the medical market. In fact it was initially popularized as a recreational drug. However as popularity has grown over the last 10 years so has research and development in CBD treatments. And the results are no less than astounding to both the researchers and the users who actually reap the benefits. But don’t take my word alone for it. The list of positive testimonials is growing exponentially. I have benefited and know so many of my friends and family members that have seen remarkable, dare I say ‘miraculous” results. The list of ailments and illnesses that can be treated is long and varied. We will outline a few in the following section.

Ailments and Illness successfully treated with CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle Cure

It has long been true even in the most restrictive of medical circles and repressed cities and Sates that marijuana works wonders on cancer patients. Since the 70’s it has been widely known that patients suffering from glaucoma find amazing relief when given cannabis. I remember hearing about that in the 1980s. That was 30 years ago and we are still fighting the “Jesus Freaks.” And by Jesus freaks I mean the religious fanatics that use the Bible to form our laws. But truth be told, if Jesus ever even existed, he would have probably used cannabis and hemp in one form or another. Sadly, everything you learned in school simply is not true. History is taught by those who only wish to control you.

Then there are the neurological diseases. This encompasses a wide cornucopia of ailments including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, spasms and the list goes on. Cannabis, CBD specifically, treats inflammation better than any pill your doctor will prescribe for you. The body experiences complete relaxation down to a cellular level. People with Parkinson’s for example, who can not sit still and spasm terribly see immediate affects. Watch a Youtube video of a person with Tourrets Syndrome or Parkinson’s. They smoke some weed or take some CBD Oil and instantly they settle down and stop hurting themselves. It truly is a miracle cure.

And The List Goes On

The list of “physical ailments” is endless. However the list of mental illnesses that benefit are as boundless. Anxiety and depression lead the way followed by stress and  PTSD, to name a few. It is an ancient medicinal fact that a sound mind leads to a sound body. When you are able to put the mind at ease the body can naturally heal itself. This has been known for 1000s of years in all cultures. This makes sense even to the layman. Put the mind in a peaceful state and the body will follow suit. People who suffer from PTSD or even everyday stress can cause the body to become ill. Obvious secondary ailments arise such as ulcers, hair loss, obesity even heart disease. You do not need a degree in medicine to realize the obvious benefits.

Another hugely popular application is for stomach and sleep related disorders. IBS and gastroparesis patients realize life changing results which in turn aids in the relief of multiple secondary diseases which arise. Likewise, sleep disorders cause a long line of other health related problems. This is self explanatory. So CBD usage really treats the root of many diseases almost accidentally by getting the primary issues first. The medical benefits of cannabinoids are endless. We are learning more and more each day. Whatever you or your loved ones suffer from can be treated and cured with cannabis. Do the research and change your life today.

 The Science behind CBD Oil: Modern Day Miracle

If testimonials are not enough to get you on board then simply look at the science that backs up what the users already know to be true. Its biology baby. And it works. Human beings actually have an endocannabinoid system. This is a sub-system of your immune system. Your immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy. If you have a strong immune system then you easily ward off diseases. Also, a strong immune system is able to better fight whatever diseases you may already have. And CBD Oils have been proven to boost auto immune systems significantly. You can find the research all over the Internet.

Cannabinoids not only occur naturally in the human body but are also found in fruits and vegetables. SO CBD really is an all natural medicine that reacts with your endocannabinoid system in harmony to cure the body. That makes sense right? The science behind these miraculous oils is extensive. And although you do get CBD from fruits and vegetables it is the oil extracted from Hemp that really hold potent levels that can be safely ingested and heal quickly and efficiently.

Research has been extensive and done in unbiased scientific fashion. One of the more remarkable findings is that almost all patients benefit. But most surprising is that there are zero negative side affects. There is not a single “medicine” offered by any pharmaceutical company in the world that can claim zero negative side affects. This is really the key to a real healing “drug” so to speak. The research does not lie. Nor do those whose lives have been dramatically for the better.