The Honey Pot Company have come out with an outstanding product. CBD Honey Sticks, which are plastic sticks infused with CBD honey. For those that are unaware CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant. This medical marijuana is very tasty and also can be used in various ways. As a sweetener for coffee or tea and also a great topping for pastries or pancakes. Also, you can just drink it out of the tube. Let me tell you more about the wonders of this wonderful CBD medical edible in this CBD Honey Stick Review by Honey Pot.

CBD Honey Stick Review by Honey Pot

CBD Honey Stick ReviewIn the production of the Honey Stick they cold press the cannabis  CBD in California wildflower honey. With cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Also, they are available in three different sizes: 8 fl oz 250mg CBD, 1.5 fl oz, 50mg CBD. Also a honey stick of 5 mg CBD is available. The wonderful aspect about treating ailments with CBD is that it is safe and natural.

Moreover, with the CBD Honey Stick, there will be no problem with taste when sick children are involved. There is a revolution taking place in the treatment of disorders and is leading the way. CBD is used now for treatment of over 50 various conditions. One of the most important is that of chronic pain. For example, many football players in the NFL were being prescribed opioid painkillers. These painkillers have led to many of the players to become addicted.

CBD Honey Stick Review – Incredible Edible

So now many have resorted to cannabis to ease their pain after injuries incurred after games. I recently saw a program on the use of CBD. It greatly reduced seizures in epilepsy and also reduced effects of autism. Some people have even had to move to other states. This is where it is legal to purchase CBD or cannabis for their treatment. My hope is that government restrictions will be lifted so further research can be done. If you think you can be helped by CBD, I hope the CBD Honey Stick Review by Honey Pot helped you.