CBD Cinnamon Mints Marijuana Edibles ReviewI am sick. I suffer from a wide range of ailments, many of which are easily treated with cannabis. We hope our CBD Cinnamon Mints Marijuana Edibles Review will turn your life around like it has me and so many others.

Since I was a child I’ve suffered from Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Now I know you may not believe me. But it is a very real illness. Google it or just click on this link ( WebMD ) to learn more about this terrible affliction. Some of my worst symptoms include severe and daily hallucinations, constant disorientation, rankling dysmetropsia and the worst of all, size distortion.

Breez has literally saved my life and brought me back through the looking glass into reality. I would constantly be getting locked up at the funny farm before I discovered the healing powers of cannabis. My last visit to Babbling Brook Mental Institution was a result of me losing my cannabis and going into a very deep state of hysteria and hallucinations.

I took a nice vacation in New York. Then it happened. I found myself arrested for trying to eat The Empire State Building. I thought it was a sweet little marshmallow. It turned out I was biting on the corner stone and losing teeth when the security guards came to my rescue. Thank God I survived that. However, I did lose 11 teeth. But now I have my Breez Mints with me at all times. So life is back to semi-normal.

CBD Cinnamon Mints Marijuana Edibles ReviewCBD Cinnamon Mints Marijuana Edibles Review

I love cannabis mints. The reason is simple, dosage control. Micro dosage is ideal for self medicating. 5mg of CBD compounded by 5mg of THC  make the mints just perfect. The CBD calms my mind and body and the low dosage of THC improves my mood and daily outlook.

So should you find yourself being chased by giant snails wearing lederhosen, or feeling so paranoid you that you think the cars and trees are planning your murder, you may want to take a higher dosage or a few extra pills. It works. Trust me. I take 25mg before lunch. That’s about one an hour. And thankfully I am now somewhat normal. Although I am still toothless.

Another great benefit is the sweet and fresh cinnamon breath you will have. Also the discretion is fabulous. I keep the mint tin right on my desk at my new job at the chicken plucking plant. Breez mints are all natural and 100% whole plant cannabinoids. So stop chasing the rabbit down the hole and pick up some CBD Breez Mints today and stop being as mad as a hatter. Be as cool as a Cheshire Cat. You’re welcome for this life saving CBD Cinnamon Mints Marijuana Edibles Review my crazy little friends.