Cavi Taffy Marijuana Edibles ReviewOur Cavi Taffy Marijuana Edibles Review is both informative and a sweet walk down memory lane. If you had taffy as a kid in the summertime then you know that nothing is more fun than a great taffy. Add 100 mgs of THC and you have an award winning treat with super hero powers. Blue Dream was just that, just the right delight to set me off into a blissful state.

I was lucky. I carried on the tradition of my Mom, who spent summers on the beach with her family just after World War 2. We grew up in Boston. So did my Mom. When you live in Boston you head to Cape Cod for the hot summer months. Paragon Park was the place. It was so cool. They had the last wooden roller coaster in America. How cool is that? And it was terrifying. The turns and speed were not nearly as horrifying as the idea that whole thing might just fall down any second. It was awesome.

That rickety old roller coaster ride was always followed by a trip across the street to the Taffy Store. It was like a Willy Wonka World for kids. Candy and taffy as far as they eye could see. But now when we take the kids to the park Mom and Dad have a little THC secret. If, Mom were alive to see it I would give her some Cavi Taffy and throw her on that roller coaster.

Cavi Taffy Marijuana Edibles Review Cavi Taffy Marijuana Edibles Review

Blue Dream has great taste and a great chewy texture. Even without the 100 mgs THC you would want to try this authentic taffy. Cavi Taffy has nearly no cannabis taste at all. The THC is infused with CO2 hash oil. The high is introduced slowly and evenly throughout the body and mind.

Although they don’t specify the strain it felt to me like a sativa and indica mix hybrid. In most edible medicals I find I either get a euphoric mind trip or a full body relaxation. With Cavi Taffy I experienced both. So I really like that. It explains why Cavi Gold is an award winning edible. I can’t wait to try another flavor. And as soon as I get the chance I will get another Cavi Review to all you good people. Go chew your way to better day.