Caveman Kush ReviewCaveman Kush I find is one very relaxing herb. A nice mix of of Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Abusive OG . This California Indica brings the best of both worlds, so this combination has very nice attributes indeed. If for example you enjoy laying back on the couch on a lazy day partaking of your favorite snacks and watching the tube. Caveman with it’s 19% is ideal for these types of sloth like feelings. While you will be very sedate this herb is quite euphoric. I particularly enjoy listening to music with this great ganja. Also I have found this fantastic if you have a hard time falling asleep. A cannabis that came in handy as you will see in this Caveman Kush Review.

Caveman Kush Review

It was a very strange coincidence that I was toking Caveman Kush and exploring caves on my day off. I was enjoying being out in nature when I stumbled across a cave partially covered in vines. I entered slowly and had to turn on my flashlight. It was then I heard grunts and swung my light around and saw two couples crouched in the corners. One man stood up in a spotted sack and shook my hand and introduced himself and his wife as Vilma and Dread Flinkstone. The other couple jumped up and told me they were Smarmy and Petty. They also had a Great Dane dressed in a purple dinosaur costume.


These people fascinated me. So it turned out they were all previously Wall Street bankers that had a mutual love for the Flintstones. Admiration for their cartoon counterparts were there inspiration to live just like them. Moreover they planned on re-creating a caveman village. I was so intrigued I spent the whole afternoon getting stoned with Caveman Kush and looking over plans for their replica village. A day that was hard to believe and forget !


This fine Kush helps with insomnia, pain, nausea and lack of appetite.