Cap'n Munch Cereal Marijuana Edibles ReviewBest Breakfast Cereal Ever? Well, of course, it’s Cap’n Crunch. It has always been my favourite snack when I have the munchies. I eat it right out of the box. Now I can get my favourite snack loaded up with 400mg of THC. My Saturday morning breakfast with wifey just got a super upgrade. And I am sure our Cap’n Munch Cereal Marijuana Edibles Review is about to improve yours as well.

Growing up, when Mom brought home some Cap’n Crunch, that box wouldn’t last ten minutes. We would fight each to get to be the one to rip that box to pieces. My brother and I would already have two big bowls on the table. The contents would be poured out equally, down to the last little crunch. We would even fight over the dust at the bottom of the bag. We used to fill the bowl to the brim with milk. Then we would sit and wait until the whole thing turned into some kind of soggy, pudding pile of sugary mush.

Well now it’s worse. My wife and I now tackle each other to get some of that 400mg of THC. I don’t do the milk anymore. Milk is not good for you. And drinking milk from other animals is not healthy either. So, if this going to be your breakfast try Hemp Milk or soy or almond, anything other than animal milk. You will feel much better. And you will be able to eat more Cap’n Munch.

Cap’n Munch Cereal Marijuana Edibles Review

You will want to the whole bowl. But don’t! 400mg of THC is way more than you would ever want in sitting. If you want to start off your Saturday morning with a nice energetic boost you won’t want to ingest more than 25 to 50mg. So, the sad truth you have to have a very small bowl. Be careful. Munch tastes just like the real thing. And there is only the slight hint of cannabis. However, that’s to be expected in powerful medical edibles.

For around $15.00 you can pick up this wicked breakfast classic from the guys at LOL Edibles. So, order a few today. The Cap’n is waiting to set sail for better shores.