Cannaracha Hot Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review“It’s getting hot in here!” Really Hot! Allow us to turn up the heat in today’s Cannaracha Hot Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review. We’re talking about an award winning, spicy hot sauce that packs 100 mgs of THC per tablespoon. So, take it easy or you might get burned, literally and metaphorically. Like Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and myself “Some Like it Hot.” And although I could make “hot” references from songs and movies all day long I would rather talk about this incredible medical edible.

I wasn’t expecting too much as I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to hot sauces and spicy food. So, I was super excited that Lorax Labs actually came up with a real winner here. Cannarancha covers all the basis on this creation. Firstly, it gets you high as you want to be. Second, it actually tastes great. And finally it’s hot. That is a spicy grand slam in my book.

I decided to have my wife make some tacos. She is a good sport. So she did. I carefully measured out only a half of a tablespoon. I always go slow when testing a product that I have yet not tried. As usual I was glad I did. I poured a quarter tablespoon on each of my two tacos. That was more than enough to get me nicely stoned and leave a yummy burn in my mouth.

Cannaracha Hot Sauce Marijuana Edibles ReviewCannaracha Hot Sauce Marijuana Edibles Review

Cannaracha is great for the best reasons. One, they use the best ingredients. And two, they use good THC. The ingredients include the essentials in a great sriracha style hot sauce. Sriracha generally means a spicy hot sauce that is made from chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt and a little sugar. That is what Lorax Labs uses. So you know it will be tasty and have a kick.

Although that is what they say they use they don’t include a list of ingredients on the small bottle. I find that strange. Normally a company wants to instill confidence in their customers. Transparency is important. So that would be my only real drawback.

However, if you’re looking for a subtle and fun way to spice up your life, break out the hot sauce. Just make sure you have plenty of liquids.