Today’s Cannadom Cannabis Condom Review is sure to put a smile on your face, and your girlfriend’s too. Birth control just became fun. “Take a toke while you poke!” That is one of their fun puns. And this is a fun product. Why not spice it up with a weed tasting and smelling wrap for your willy? This condom is the brainchild of Seth Rogan. Looks like his comedy is really paying off in the marketplace.

Cannadom Cannabis Condom Review

I bought the 10 pack for around $13 dollars. But I had to do some searching as the Cannadom website is all sold out. I found that odd. But even more strange was the lack of information. They list absolutely no information other than the smell, taste, and colour. That is usually a big red flag for me when it comes to purchasing any product online.

Cannadom Cannabis Condom ReviewBut I quickly realized that this product is more of a gimmick than an actual product you will purchase multiple times. They make perfect stocking stuffers or gag gifts at bachelor and bachelorette parties. In fact, we only used one. It was kind of fun and weird. We actually laughed so much that it took away from the sexy aspect of the deal. I gave the rest away as gifts. People love them. They always get a big laugh and make for great conversation starters.

A Little Bud For Your Little Bud

The condoms work. If you use condoms and love weed I say, “Why not?”  The smell is really great, It smells like a good Kush. And my wife said it tasted like weed too. However, who wants to be wearing a condom during that act? Not me. So, the taste thing is a bit strange. Plus condoms have that gross latex taste either way. But again, it is fun to put some “Cheech on your Chong” and have a laugh. We got high before we hopped in bed. I don’t think that helped us take this product very seriously. But then again I don’t think that is the point of the whole idea.

Overall, I enjoy the fun aspect of this condom. Unfortunately,y it is more of a one-time thing. I doubt the minority of clients are return customers unless of course, you own a joke shop. But people do really dig the whole idea. I even found an article in GQ magazine. Check that out here It should be noted that although they list none of the ingredients, they do mention that there is no THC in the product. So, it is safe for non-users