Cannadent Toothpaste Review I hated brushing my teeth as a kid. It was one of my ‘chores.’ I hated all chores. But no more. I love brushing my teeth. I actually set my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier now so I can get a good long brush in before heading out for the day. What a difference it makes in my smile. So too will our Cannadent Toothpaste Review put a fat fresh smile on your face.

Cannaderm is a fascinating company that creates fantastic applications with cannabis. In case you don’t already know cannabis is quite the panacea. The list of benefits in using cannabis is endless for body and mind. And now your teeth and your smile can reap the rewards of cannabis treatment.

Have you ever tried a Regenerative Hemp Toothpaste? No? Nor had I. But I really have to tell you, once you become accustomed to using Cannadent and what it does for you, there’s no going back to Colgate or Crest. And that is a big fact for a lot of reasons. Let’s look at the health, mental and spiritual benefits of Cannadent. Shall we?

Cannadent Toothpaste Review Cannadent Toothpaste Review

Where to begin? This is cannabis at it’s very best. A true medical, but not so much an edible. Although it does go in the mouth, taste great and get you high. The hemp base is actually backed by science. It’s users gain regenerative benefits. That is serious shit. Plus 75mg of THC. That ought to put a smile on your smile.

What happens in your mouth? Well, your teeth will sparkle after a nice gentle but abrasive hemp cleaning. Any sores, cracks and/or gum bleeds will be in direct contact with the healing powers of the THC. Therefore the affects are almost immediate. Mint oil and hemp make for a happy mouth. So brush your way to a better day. Your dentist will hate me. But who cares? You no longer need him. Cheers!