Cannabutter Marijuana Edibles ReviewIt’s all about the butter. If you control the butter you control the recipes. In that way you control taste, health and high all in one shot. Medical edibles are fantastic and the variety is endless. But being able to cook at home and control THC levels and taste is phenomenal. So grab your apron and get down to the kitchen for today’s Cannabutter Marijuana Edibles Review.

I like a good brownie or gummy bear as much as the next guy. But when it comes to eating I much prefer a good Shrimp Scallopini or a sweet Chicken Marsala. However you can not find a good Italian dinner at your local dispensary. So what are you going to do, spend the rest of your life eating chocolate brownies? You will certainly be getting high. But you will also be getting as fat as a sperm whale. But no worries. Because I have the perfect solution to your dining and cannabis needs. Cannabutter is here to save your life and your waistline.

When my jug arrived from Wise Crop I fired up the grill before I even opened the package. I bought some sirloin steak tips and asparagus. I even bought myself a new butter brush. Of course I had plans of swathing everything in butter. My delivery arrived. The butter was melted and ready for use. I brushed the steak tips generously. The asparagus I just dipped right in the jar and wrapped in aluminum foil. Then I placed everything on the grill and went and grabbed my self a big cold Presidente Beer. And the waiting began.

15 minutes later I was eating the best meal of my entire life. An hour later I was lying down on the grass curled up in fetal position laughing so hard I actually shit myself.  I grabbed the hose, ripped off my clothes and had one of the funniest showers of my life much to the delight of my spying neighbors.

Cannabutter Marijuana Edibles ReviewCannabutter Marijuana Edibles Review

Wise Crop makes a fine, tasty and powerful butter batch for the culinary creature inside you. Get cooking. And get baked. What I like about Wise Crop is that the butter is essentially odourless as far as THC goes. Of course if you pour it directly over popcorn you will taste some cannabis after taste. But for cooking, it is simply marvellous. I have made a banana bread, well my wife did, and a veggie lasagna. Neither had the slightest gross taste that I get in store bought edibles. In fact, I can honestly say, I would never have even known there was any cannabis at all, had I not baked the food myself.

Now let’s talk about Wise Crops and why you need to try their products. Its simple. Because there is really no safer way to but cannabis. They use a patented production method called Terpene Linalool. What does that mean? Well, to be honest I don’t really know myself. But what I do know that their butter has zero contaminants. As a patient you can be assured you’re using the best medicine money can by. Wise Crops uses no petro chemicals either. Basically you get 100% pure cannabutter. What more do you need to know? Nothing. So I guess that wraps up our Cannabutter Marijuana Edibles Review. Happy cooking my friends.