Cannabis Quencher Cherry Beverage - Marijuana Edibles ReviewDo you have a dry throat? Do you enjoy feeling stoned? Would you like to take care of both of those problems? Of course you would. So, all you need to do is read our Cannabis Quencher Cherry Beverage – Marijuana Edibles Review. And both problems get solved.

It really blows my mind that you can drink a super yummy Cherry drink and go about your business. Then Bang, 20 minutes later you’re good and stoned. I like to pack my lunch for work. And now I bring a drink. Around  lunch time I have had about all the stress I can handle. So, I head outside and sit under my favorite tree. I eat my sandwich. And I top it off with a tasty beverage. When I return to my job I am one pleasant employee. I even say nice things to Ethel from accounting.

One thing I like is not having to drive my car around in circles for 20 minutes to air out the stink that results from smoking. Plus I have no bongs, bags of weed or pipes laying around the car. I don’t like getting in trouble. My Cannabis Quencher solves all my problems.

Cannabis Quencher Cherry Beverage - Marijuana Edibles ReviewCannabis Quencher Cherry Beverage – Marijuana Edibles Review

The Venice Cookie Company is fast becoming one of the most recognized names in medical marijuana edibles. And for good reason. The Quencher is 16 ounces of delectable fun.  Also, the $15 dollar price tag seems steep. But really it is not. The reason being you do not need to drink the entire bottle. I can get high 3 or 4 times. Therefore, they suggest trying 1/4 of the bottle and wait and hour to see how it affects you.

I drank half the bottle the first time. But that was a mistake. After an hour I was feeling pretty good. And I thought that the high was just right. But a half hour after that I was flying. The juice is strong. I recommend that you go slowly at first. Figure out how much is right. Then go from there. I like to have 2 bottles in the fridge at all times.