Cannabis Maple Sugar Marijuana Edibles Review“Brown Sugar, How come you taste so good?” Mick Jagger wants to know. So do I. And so do you. Well, today’s┬áCannabis Maple Sugar Marijuana Edibles Review is going to enlighten us all. The Totally Healthy Company has created a real masterpiece that allows the user to regulate their THC intake down to the very granule or milligram.

I do a lot of reviews for various medical edibles. I am always most impressed by innovation. And by that I mean new and interesting ways to use or ingest marijuana. I have tried and reviewed pills, capsules, sprays, beverages and all sorts of candies and treats. But I have never seen or tried anything quite like Cannabis Maple Syrup.

If you eat a brownie or swallow a pill you are subject to the amount of THC that you have taken. That is it. You wait and the affects come on as the THC unleashes its power. You have absolutely no control. But you hope for the best. Sometimes it’s good, other times not so much. It’s very difficult for example, to eat a peanut butter cup that has 60 mgs of THC and have any kind of control over your high. Well, those days are over my friends, thanks to this new approach.

Cannabis Maple Sugar Marijuana Edibles ReviewCannabis Maple Sugar Marijuana Edibles Review

What makes Cannabis Maple Sugar so special is control. There is 7.5 mgs of THC in every teaspoon. One jar contains 3 ounces of sugar. That means you get 135 mgs of THC. You can sprinkle as much as you want on your favorite cereal or put as much as you like in your morning coffee.

If you are a patient you can find exactly how much cannabis you need to regulate your pain or alleviate your symptoms. The greatest benefit is you won’t find yourself overly stoned, couch locked or paranoid ever again.

Finally, it is sugar. So it is delicious and good for you. Maple sugar is actually very good for your health, unlike refined white sugar. So, grab your teaspoon and start figuring out your precise prescription to happiness and relief.