Cannabis & coffee; your new morning ritual

Step up your morning game with these most noteworthy medicated coffee blends! 

Wow, these two sure know how to play up each other’s best qualities! Forget a cigarette and cup of joe, give me something medicated!I trudged long, and I ventured far. These are some of the medicated joe concoctions I stumbled upon on my adventures. I hope you enjoy!

Jane’s Brew.

Jane’s brewing company offers a wide range of products. Getting your buzz and java fix has never been easier, And it’s not surprising that they offer cannabis infused products. Furthermore, as well as offering a psychoactive blend, Jane’s also offers a high in CBD blend. Good morning friends!

Colorado Hemp Coffee.

Hello Colorado! With their fair trade and organic hemp blend of deliciousness, Colorado Hemp is taking things to another level. It’s no doubt the beans are roasted, but the same process is applied to the hemp seeds. This adds a nutty and smooth flavour that’s incredible. Oh and did we mention that you get a brain boost from the essential fatty omega acids from those hemp seeds?

Northwest Speed Ball.

Have you been to the Pacific North coast? Those folks love their coffee! A Seattle based company; Trichomes, which holds Elevated coffee events around Seattle and Portland. These events offered Bulletproof coffee. Um, Bulletproof coffee?  Bulletproof  is organic coffee mixed with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Because your using Hario 8, which is a unique bean on its own. As well, kicking it up a notch with some cannabis oil. This cup will have you feeling alright! It’s actually really easy to make this heavenly creation, first of all follow the Bulletproof recipe, and simply add your own medicated butter or oil. 🙂

Woman Black Lingerie Having Cup of Coffee


Pot-O-Coffee is a California based company that hopes to soon expand across the US to other 420 friendly areas, such as Seattle, Washington and Oregon. This is another company that offers single serving doses, Keurig friendly! Another pretty awesome trait about this company, is that they offer strengths of 10mg, 50mg and 100mg doses. As well, Pot-O-Coffee offers psychoactive in addition to its CBD lines!

Native Jack.

Are you worldly? Do you like things a little chilled? You should try Native Jack! Native Jack is a cold brew of cannabis, java, spice and condensed milk. Very comparable to a Thai iced java, only this cup is spiked! Native Jack is another company that listens to it’s customers and offers a CBD blend, as well as a psychoactive blend.

Steep Fuze.

Steep Fuze’s main intention when they first started was to most of all create a psychoactive cup of joe. Consequently what they soon came across is that a cup of joe with CBD compounds added, the experience is euphoric! See, coffee has a tendency to make you jittery and hear go racing, but at the same time your alert. Because your adding CBD and not THC, it allows you to have a clear headed, alert sense of awareness. Which isn’t possible with another cup of java.

Gorgeous Young Woman Drinking Espresso

Compelling and Rich.

Sadly, Compelling and RIch is no longer available on the market. But, it can be imitated fairly easy for those who love to experiment! Discovered by Kian Abedini, Kian was able to create this dank, almost fruity earthiness with a splash of skunk. By introducing the beans to the cannabis vapour while they are still green. The beans are able to soak up the vapour. Leaving behind the compelling and rich, cannabis/coffee experience. I love my Italian press, with a spoon full of medicated butter, drizzle of honey and a splash of almond milk. First of all, does that cup of joe ever make me sound classy. Because I’m not! And furthermore, where did my coffee go!? What is your special morning ritual? Let us know how you wake and bake!