Canna Crystals Marijuana Edibles ReviewCanna Crystals are one unique and fast way to change your latitude. The THC laden crystals offer the user immediate relief with doubly specific control. You choose the strain. And you choose the strength. The gang at Full Flava has really come up with an amazing medical edible. Simply sprinkle. Then let them dissolve. And enjoy the healing power. Then enjoy our Canna Crystals Marijuana Edibles Review.

Crystals actually belong to a special class of edible know as sublinguals. Sublinguals are an amazing manner of ingesting THC and receiving instant results and relief. You place them under your tongue and they dissipate directly into your blood stream. So, in that respect they are not your traditional edible, as you are not digesting it in your stomach. You can however eat them and still get good results. However the affects will be far less as the THC has to pass through your liver.

Canna Crystals Marijuana Edibles ReviewCanna Crystals Marijuana Edibles Review

The mix is Afghani, Sour Diesel and OG. One pouch holds 150 mgs of THC. However, you can customize all of that, including the level of THC. Flava Flav really gives the user the utmost control over their high or healing. Another great sublingual I recently tried was Kandy Kine’s Apple Cider Sublinguals. You can check out the review I wrote here

Both are effective. However with crystals you have more control. Kine’s comes in gel caps. You ingest the amount of THC in the capsule. With Crystals you can start slowly and build up to the right prescription for you.

I highly recommend these Cyystals for medical patients. Depending on your ailment, there might be a few drawbacks. They do contain sugar. They also use artificial flavoring and coloring. But, that generally does not affect the majority of suffers of various maladies. Overall Canna Crystals are an amazing edible. It really comes down the fast acting power that a subligual gives the user. Once again the benefits of cannabis lead the forefront of medical advancement. Go get some. And get well.