Candyland Review SmallDo you have a hullabaloo of hoedown happening ? A bombastic Boogaloo perhaps ? Maybe we should have a little talk about a very lively and groovy little herb called Candyland. Happiness ignites with this delightful herb, which is a crossbreed mix of Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purps. This genealogy genius perpetrates a plethora of puffing pleasure to please the most discerning smoker toker ! This cool cannabis gets the creative juices flowing. Euphoria exudes and a stimulating upbeat mood prevails with high energy levels which lets you get things done! Instead of peering down at some electronic device like a mindless zombie in need of guidance in every way shape and form ! Candyland Review – Sweet Surrender

Puffing Pleasure

There is method in this merry madness ! As the name Candyland suggests this cool cannabis is all about having fun. It is perfect for social gatherings and fun and games. Laughing and giggling are not out of the norm. Silliness can also come into play. As an example I witnessed my grandmother and brother play Stairway to Heaven on a kazoo and 1 string washtub bass for 2 hours straight !


Candyland Hybrid happiness is the result of a nice split of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Which will give you stimulation plus the added bliss of relaxation. With 20% THC this herb is up there in the power department. Candyland has a strong spicy and sweet aroma with earthy woody undercurrents. You will see the buds are quite compressed dark green and brown with glowing orange red trichomes.


Candyland is an excellent choice for treating and alleviating the symptoms of depression, and anxiety along with chronic pain and bipolar disorder and in some cases AHAD. This is what I like to call an all around herb which is great for any time of the day. Morning, noon or night the time is right for some Candyland delight. I partake of this for fun times, and fun is good ! Is it not ?