Candyland is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is is a mix of Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. This happy hybrid is one of the best my friends and I have used to combat depression. One of the most uplifting herbs I have ever encountered anad I have tried quite a few in my twenty odd years of medicating with the natural herb.

This cannabis is very nice for social situations. Also I find Candyland great for enjoying the outdoors and nature. Moreover I find the herb helpful in overcoming the everyday stresses of everyday life. I will explain more in my Candyland review.


Candyland Review Candyland Blonde Woman Posing Sexy

Quite a few people I know suffer from depression. In this day and age the world and everyday life is not getting easier. Nobody has a stress free life. Just watching the news can be a downer big time. War and crime seem to dominate the media and the majority of movies you watch while channel surfing are full of violence. There a few friends of mine that have suffered from severe depression and have been on prescription medication. Just about everyone of them suffered from the side effects of these chemicals.



Candyland Beautiful Sensual Brunette PosingSome of them on these drugs made there depression worse and in some cases suicidal. Now practically all of them have switched to cannabis like Candyland to relieve stress and depression.

I myself used to take sleeping pills for insomnia. The next day I always felt negative and depressed. Now before bed I have a few tokes of Candyland and I go right to sleep and have no residual side effects the next day.

When I have hard day at work the herb also helps me deal with the stress and gives more of a positive attitude. Candyland is highly recommended for anyone looking for a natural alternative to sometimes harmful prescription drugs.