Everyone knows of Wine Tasting and how popular it is in places like California, Oregon, France and others. It has been popular for a very very long time. But, is it going mainstream now? What if wine tasting isn’t your thing, but wine and weed tasting… How does that sound? Great, right! I know personally it would be great to spend the day tasting different types of ganja, and drinking wine. Perfect girls day out! A great place to go would be HerbaBuena.


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Herbabuena? What Is That?

HerbaBuena is California’s first licensed collective, apothecary, and social club focused on Demetered Certified Biodynamic cannabis; The first ever alternative to USDA Organic Certification. USDA Organic Certification does not apply to cannabis growers. HerbaBuena believes that since cannabis is a plant and a medicine it should be treated the same. This meaning that they do not use any pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals. They also believe that growing indoor leads to using chemical nutrients. These plants are grown outdoor using the sun and moon, and the nutritious natural soil. HerbaBuena will deliver their goods to popular places like Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Marin, as well as other counties. 


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How Can I Be a Part Of Cannabis Tasting? 

First of all, to take part in this cannabis tasting you must be a member. All tasting will take part in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Along with being a member you will also need to have your Medical Cannabis License in California to participate. Being a member also allows you to be able to host your own tasting parties. Hosting your own parties allows you to choose ” a specially curated selection” to taste, discuss, and enjoy with your party. You can do a quick google search to find more cannabis tasting centres in your state. In every state you have to be 21 and have a medical card. Unless you are in a recreational legal state such as Oregon, Washington, or Colorado. In that case you need to be 21.