C3PO Marijuana Strain ReviewAll aboard the MIllineum Falcon and may the Force be with our C3PO Marijuana Strain Review. This strain is an Intergalactic Anti-Spasmatic Super Healer. Wow, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. Our CBD rich strain is a medical miracle. This stuff cures as many diseases as C3PO speaks languages.

Cross breeding of different strains has made astronmical leaps in this new millenium. The ability to cross hybrids to increase or decrease power is astounding. CP30 is a perfect example of what the future holds in marijuana medical treatment.

The weed we smoked in 1977 when Star Wars was released, is basically a different plant all together. Just compare that to what is available today through hybrid science and medical technologies. It’s actually a lot like the special effects of Star Wars the original film compared to last year’s Rogue One. They’re night and day in power and the ability to take you where you have never gone before.

C3PO Marijuana Strain Review

C3PO Marijuana Strain Review

This is pretty much strictly a medical strain. THe THC level is the minimum of 1%. It is also an indica dominant strain at 60%. The CBD levels are an amazing 15%. This combination creates what many people believe is the best pain medication you get anywhere.

The lineage is a mystery. But it’s most likely a decendant of OG KUSH. I recently did a review for Valentine X that you will want to read if you suffer from spasms, epilepsy or chronic pain. It is another CBD powerhose as well, Read my review here https://420.reviews/valentine-x-marijuana-strain-review/. But if you’re in search of a THC and CBD powerhouse check out my Unicorn Horn review here https://420.reviews/unicorn-horn-marijuana-strain-review/.

So there you have it Folks! We live in age where marijuana strains get stronger each day. Also strains are now tweaked to produce different levels of high and different medical aids. You can find the one right for you, recreationally or medically. So, find the one that works for you and May The Force be with You.