Burmese Kush ReviewBurmese Kush is an outstanding 50% Sativa/ 50% Indica hybrid. This powerful herb is rich flavour and and smells delicious. The bodacious buds are robust. They are a nice deep green witch are crawling with nice red hairs. An abundance trichomes and frosty snowy crystals. So this potent pot really packs a punch. Only a couple of tokes will get you where you need to be. Moreover this is not for the novice. Veteran’s however will be sing it’s praises. This brings on the munchie’s big time. I got so high the other day I ate a fried peanut butter and sardine sandwich. For me it was as good as the finest filet mignon money could buy. I also find this spurs creativity and wanderlust as you will see in this Burmese Kush Review.

Burmese Kush Review

A couple of month’s ago I was back packing in Vietnam. I was passing through a small village when I saw a large number of people in circle yelling and screaming. Some were placing bets. When I got closer I saw what all the hullabaloo was about. A large aquarium was set on a table. Inside two Burmese fighting snails were locked in a fierce battle. Never in my life have I witnessed such fury. At three inches long these goliaths were incredible and quite athletic indeed. Their bright blue antenna flashed like Ninja swords. Shells clashed and slime flew everywhere.


After about three hours of slow but down right riveting entertainment, one got the other in a half nelson. The referee then stepped in and stopped the fight. After much fanfare the winner was awarded a gold engraved belt that was placed around his shell. I was unaware this was a championship fight. So now I am a proud owner of two Burmese fighting snails Carl and Doug. Joy and happiness abounds with glee even after I found out that Carl is actually Carlene. They do a lot more making love than fighting. Now I have an opportunity to breed them and sell them. Introducing this part of the world to these marvellous mollusk’s. Burmese Kush has helped a great deal with my business plan.

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